E-Learning: Challenges and Chances for Didactics

Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner, coordinator of the EDU-VET project, has published another article about the relevance of digital teaching and learning in times of the Corona Pandemic. In this context Prof. Beutner pushes the discussion about the use of digital instruments in the vocational and educational system and highlights that, especially during the corona crisis, didactical implications seem more present than ever.

Have a closer look: https://www.wissenschaftsmanagement-online.de/beitrag/der-weg-ist-noch-lang-11287.

Enjoy reading!

Status of the EDU-VET project

In the past weeks the whole EDU-VET team has been working very eagerly on the tasks according to the Intellectual Outputs 1, 2 and 3. The project team is in the final steps of the research report and has already started with the development of the curriculum. Moreover, all partners design interactive teaching and learning materials. A regular exchange and discussions took place in the context of Skype meetings.

We will keep you informed and wish you a restful holiday season and a nice summer!

Article about EDU-VET is online

In the new issue of the WorldSkills Germany Magazine, Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner, coordinator of the EDU-VET project, reports on digitisation in vocational schools and provides insights into the EDU-VET project. At this point Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner not only highlights the aims of the EDU-VET project, he also pleads for the anchoring of a lifelong development process in context of the digital transformation, especially in the vocational training context: “First of all, we need to ensure that the digitalisation process is not only a matter of the vocational school system, but also of the vocational training system itself. We would like to establish the didactic digitization approach in this project,” says Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner.

You can find the complete article under the following link: https://www.worldskillsgermany.com/de/blog/2020/04/21/technisches-equipment-allein-ist-zu-wenig/

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The project work continues…

Due to the postponement of the second meeting, the project team met virtually at the beginning of May. The aim of the online meeting was to discuss current tasks. In addition, future work steps were also considered. IO1 is in its final stages and can be finalized this summer.

The project members were happy about this virtual meeting and all partners are looking forward with confidence to future project processes.
Further information about the status of the project will follow soon.
Stay healthy and take care!

2nd project meeting in Lancaster is postponed

The planned 2nd project meeting in April at Lancaster and Morecambe College (UK) is postponed due to the corona crisis. The meeting should focus the current status of the EDU-VET project and should help to get into a smooth working atmosphere. Moreover, the project partners should present previous results of IO1 and IO2 and should discuss ideas and the future work.

Nevertheless, all partners continue the work on the project tasks. As soon as new results of IO1 are available, you will be informed.

EDU-VET wishes: Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Dear readers of the EDU-VET website,

the EDU-VET project team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Our project is growing and prospering and we will be back with information for you in the New Year.

We wish you a nice time and enjoy this special time of the year.

Merry Christmas!

Your EDU-VET Team

EDU-VET – Kick-Off-Meeting in Paderborn, Germany

From 06th to 07th of November 2019 Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner as the coordinator of the Erasmus+ project EDU-VET (E-Learning, Digitisation and Units for Learning at VET schools) hosted the Kick-Off Meeting at the University of Paderborn.

The meeting familiarised the partners with core aspects of the EDU-VET project and helps to get into a smooth working atmosphere. The aims and objectives of EDU-VET and the idea of learning units for the metal sector were discussed. The IOs and the structure of the project were presented and the partners discussed ideas and the future work. The work plan was established and the importance of dissemination was emphasised. The financial and administrative structure of the project and its reporting was addressed and discussed.

EDU-VET Kick-Off Meeting starts in Paderborn soon

The first EDU-VET meeting will take place in Paderborn, Germany. The University of Paderborn will host the meeting from the 6th to 7th of November 2019.
This meeting gives the partners the chance of getting to know each other. It will also be used to plan the work tasks for everyone and make sure that all partners share a common vision as well as a common understanding of their duties. Furthermore, the partners will talk about the project structure, the idea of e-Learning platform, which is a core element of EDU-VET. Moreover, the partners will discuss project management, reporting and financing aspects to come to fruitful decisions in these fields.