The focus of MATH

The project MATH focuses on basic math skills, using a game-based approach to train learners in performing calculations and applying basic math concepts. The consortium will create a serious game that can be played at various skill levels,  starting at elementary school level. The consortium will study how even disadvantaged learners with math difficulties can be motivated to play the game and improve their skills. The results will be published and made available for others to use in building better learning solutions.

The main objective of MATH 

The MATH approach aims to take the learning to an digital, non-traditional game setting, aiming to support especially those who struggle with regular curricula. Teachers have a key role in supporting them and motivating those who are close to giving up on learning math after failing in the formal systems.

The overall aim of the project is to create a game that encourages learners to train their math skills in order to make their avatars in the game climb mountains faster than their opponent (description of the game concept in the project summary).
This motivation to learn is meant to improve basic skills, especially for disadvantaged learners and contribute to keeping them in school.