YES Meeting in Cagliari Italy

The third YES partner meeting in Cagliari, Sardinia at the Italian partners was a new step in the YES project. The partners had an intensive look at the prototype of the game. Moreover, there was and active discussion on the testing and the use of the usability evaluation with the TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) questionnaire.
The partners discussed on the handbook and its parts as well. To address the different target groups it is important to integrate information for youth educators, trainers and European institutions. In addition to that also young people could be interested in the handbook.

Here is a first impression of the meeting:
YES-Meeting in Italy

YES on Hochschultage Berufliche Bildung 2017 (Higher Education and VET days 2017)

The YES project and its approach, will be presented at a Workshop on the Hochschultage Berufliche Bildung 2017 in Cologne, one of the biggest higher education and VET conferences and fairs in Germany which takes place ever 2 years at another university and attacts about 600-900 people who are active in the field of education and especially higher edication and vocational education and training but also youth education. In additon to ministires, chambers, VET-Schools, there are also youth workers at this fair as well and the approach of YES can be provided to a broader audience.

Excellent meeting results in Norway

At the YES meeting in Tromso, Norway we were able to work on the rules and structures of the online card deck game. The partners discussed the results of the national research reports on game based learning in the youth sector and agreed on the a structure for the handbook for youth workers. Moreover, the team created card for a specific topis about human rights in Europe, to establish a demo version of the game.
The meeting was really helpful to go a step ahead towards a method of game-based learning in a serious game approach for Europe.

Start of the YES Game-Design-Conference!

YES - Conference Image Tromso

The  YES Game-Design-Conference is beginning today – 13th of February 2017.
Main focus is a discussion on design and game structure. European Citizenship is a huge learning task for all Europeans but especially for youth who are usually focussing on their national environment first. Therefore, it is important offer new way of dealing with the topic with regard to younf people. Serious games and their design are a first new approach in this area.