Published by : Marc Beutner

SMART – Final Conference in Cologne, Germany

The final SMART Conference will take part from the 6th to the 7th of February 2018 in Cologne Germany. Ingenious Knowledge GmbH will host the conference. The partners arrived already on the 5th to start early on the 6th at 09:00 a.m. The SMART Conference focusses the results of the project and discusses ways towards a sustainable use of the

SMART Testing goes on in 2018

The young learners in SMART are happy with the tool. Also the enterprises are happy about the tool and they are interested to use it in the future.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Dear readers of the SMART website, the project team of SMART wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. The project is already in its testing phase and we will be back with new information next year. Have nice time and enjoy the season Merry Christmas The SMART Team

SMART Testing goes on

The SMART testing goes on. This week the Romanian SMART team testes the SMART Matching Tool with real users. The prototyp has already most of the functions. Find here a screenshot of a preversion of the edit tool for profiles:

Filming goes on

Films are a part of the test. Therefore, it is necessary to create adequate films and this is currently going on in UK. There are contacts to different groups who are involved in the filming and the process is right on track.

SMART Interim Report Successful delivered

The SMART project is currently in the middle of the working duration. Therefore, the partners delivered an interim report to the National Agency of Romania. Furthermore, the partners are preparing for the testing of the prototype.

Conference in Dundee

The SMART Conference in Dundee started well. On the first day the team discussed the status of the project and will work on the testing and the prototype on the second day.

Meeting in Dundee combined with a multiplier Event

The 4th SMART Partner Meeting in Dundee, Scotland, UK – The SMART Matching-Tool-Conference will start tomorrow on the 12th of June 2017 and will take place at the university of Dundee until the 14th of June 2017. The partners will discuss the matching process, the skill discovery tool and the steps to do in the future. The meeting is accompanieed