Successful final meeting in Kiew

The evaluation forum took place from 02 to 04 December 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine.

In addition to the heads of the Forum, Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner from the University of Paderborn in Germany and Eugene Formin from the Human Rights Foundation in Kiev in Ukraine the regional team members from the three regions of the MeDiAPLUR project (Odessa, Kirovograd and Sumy) came together. In cooperation with the MeDiAPLUR team 30 participants from the three regions discussed about the MeDiAPLUR project and its results.

The different regions (Odessa, Kirovograd and Sumy) presented their results and provided insights into their seminars and blogs. Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner gave a lecture on tools of blogging and the new possibilities and behaviors of blog design as well as on the promotion of pluralistic ideas. This led to a very detailed discussion among the approaches. Afterward the participants did group work on the results of the projet within challenge talks. They shared wishes and ideas for future developments. After the group presentations, the results were evaluated. They were classified as fruitful, useful and very important for all regions. Therefore, the whole project MeDiAPLUR was seen as very successful. The Forum ended with the official handing over of the MeDiAPLUR certificates and an appropriate full closing ceremony, which was very positively received by everyone involved.

Event in Sumy

In Sumy, Ukraine Prof. Dr. Beutner addressed the third region of MeDiAPLUR in Ukraine.
Also here he provided lectures on pluralism, digitisation and blogging as well as round tables with professors, lecturers, decision makers, politicians, students and the press.
Within a radio spot he and Egene Fomin from Human Right Foundation Kiew, provided information concerning the MeDiAPLUR project and offered possibilities to take part.
A TV spot was recorded and also parts of the lecture were filmed.
The audience was really interested in the both digitisation, blogging and the whole topic as well as in increasing future cooperation.

The Kirovograd Event

In Kirovograd (Кировогра́д) / Kropywnyzky (Кропивницький), Ukraine Prof. Dr. Beutner from the University Paderborn and Eugene Fomin from Human Rights Foundation, Kiew introduces the project MeDiAPLUR. In addtion to diskussions in the cooperating academic institute in the field of economics and technical issues, Prof. Beutner provides insight into possibilities, chances and challenges of new media and their use, about media competences as well as the use of blogs. He lectured on these topics and on the project also to professors, higher education lecturers, students, political responsible persons  and decision makers as well as current and future bloggers. Moreover, with interviews on TV in the evening programm and breakfast program of Ukraninan TV as well as press interviews and press information a broad audience and public was informed about digitisation, blogging, fostering pluralism ans media competences.  Also future measures and seminars were addressed.

The Odessa Event

On the 07th of July the MeDiAPLUR team from University Paderborn and Human Rights Foundation met in Odessa Ukraine.

The event in Odessa comes with core information on the project a lecture on blogging for pluralism, round tables and press and TV meeting.
The support is brilliant and we are curious on and interested in the discussions and talks.

Reginal conference visits and meetings in Odessa, Sumy and Kirivograd

From the 07th to the 13th of  July 2019 Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner from the Chair Business and Human Resource Education II will be on a conference journey to Urkaine. This is embedded in the MeDiAPLUR project. The aim is to present and discuss the project concerning fostering of media competences and pluralusm in different regions of Ukraine with teachers, trainers, learners, persons who are responsible for education and wtith the press to create the foundation of the project itself.

The project

Aufbau von Medienkompetenz im Rahmen der Digitalisierung als Ausgangspunkt und Basis von Pluralismus in modernen Demokratien –
Building media literacy in the context of digitization as a starting point and basis of pluralism in modern democracies – Fostering Media competences of Bloggers in Ukraine –

will be established and implemented in the regions of Odessa, Sumy und Kirivograd. The final conference will be in Kiev.

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