Here you can find the Intellectual Outputs and deliverables of the MATH project.
The filenames of the IOs contain information about the number of the Intellectual Output, the number of the Activity and the number of the partner.
The partners have the follwing short cuts:

P1 – UPB – University Paderborn, DE (Coordinator)
P2 – IK – Ingenious Knowledge, DE
P3 – NYVB – 1. OU “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov”, Berkovitsa, BG
P4 – CEIP – CEIP Tomás Romojaro, ES
P5 – ACGSL – Adana Cukurova Guzel Sanatlar Lisesi ,TR


Intellectual Output 1: MATH Training Concept


IO1 A1: Curricular analysis

IO1 A2: Research on training basic math skills

IO1 A3: Creating didactic concept

IO1 A4: Development of game concept

IO1 A5: Publications


Intellectual Output 2: MATH Game APP

IO2 A1: App programming

IO2 A2: Graphics, animations, sound and UI design

IO2 A3: Usability test and evaluation



IO2 A4: Content creation

IO2 A5: Redesign

IO2 A6: Creating dissemination materials

IO2 A7: Translating

IO2 A8: Networking and dissemination activities


Intellectual Output 3: Handbook and Trial


IO3 A1: Content Design

IO3 A2: Illustrations and graphic design

IO3 A3: Translations

IO3 A4: Trial run

IO3 A5: Formative and summative evaluation

IO3 A6: Campaign to spread the app throughout Europe