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Additional insights into the MATH App

The MATH-App is constantly developing.
Today we would like to provide you with an insight of the view of a second player (red avatar in the picture). The first player can be seen as a ghost (yellow avatar in the picture) to have an impression who is in the lead and climbs the mountain quicker.


Successful Meeting in Toledo, Spain

The partners of the MATH project work successful at the meeting in Toledo, Spain from the 13th to the 15th of November 2018.
They visited the school C.E.I.P. ´Tomas Romojaro´ and discussed on the app and the testing. The impressions on the prototype of the app are great and the discussions are fruitful and support the whole process of the project.

Finalising the curricular analysis

The curricular analysis of the MATH project will soon be finalised. The schools approach this task by checking again their curricula and classes. They list which content and which aims are focussed concerning the different target groups. Moreover, they check their learning processes and developments. This will be ther basis for an adequate design and implementation of the MATH Serious Game.

MATH – Start into 2018

The MATH project starts in 2018 with a look at the
maths curricula in the different partner countries.
Currently, the partners are reviewing their activities
in this field. This will be the basis for the content development.
Meanwhile, the IT partner is already creating the the user interface
and the first databases.

MATH conference meeting in Paderborn

The first MATH Confernce will be a meeting in Paderborn, Germany. It starts on the 21st of November 2017 and will take two days. The partners will discuss the project structure, the idea of the Serious Game, which is a core element of MATH and how to implement the MATH App in school eduation.

Moreover, we will also talk about project mangement, reporting and financing aspects to come to fruitful descisions in these fields. The partners complement each other and this is really a good basis to come to excellent results.

The MATH Meeting takes place in Paderborn, Germany from the 21st to the 22nd of November 2017. The University Paderborn, chair Business and Human Resources Eduaction II of Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner will host the partners.

Welcome to the MATH project

The MATH team enjoys you visiting the MATH website.
We like to welcome you to the information about our project.

This website will be updated during the whole project and also after it will have finished.
We would be happy, if you like to discuss with us about Serious Games and teaching mathematics in school education contexts: in general school ecuation and at vocational schools.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.