MATH takes actively part in the ERASMUS+ days 2019


In the ERASMUS+ (#ErasmusPlus) Project MATH we developed an application as a serious game to foster the mathematical skills and competences in the field of school education.

The partners of MATH are still working together and we are happy to work actively within the ERASMUS+ days (#ErasmusDays).

Your MATH team

Final MATH meeting

The final MATH meeting took place in Cologne, Germany from the 9th to the 11th of July 2019.

The partners were happy with the project results and discussed the APP and new options for future perspectives after the official end of the MATH project.

Release of the MATH-App

Dear teachers, students, schools and sympathizers of the MATH project,


we are proud to announce that the MATH App has been finalized and is available for everyone since 15th of July, 2019.

You just have to register in the Playstore and download the App for free:

We wish you lots of fun downloading and playing with the MATH-App.

With best regards


MATH Meeting in Turkey brought additional benefit

The MATH Meeting in Adana, Turkey took part from the 16th to the 18th of April 2019.
It was hosted by Adana Cukurova Guzel Sanatlar Lisesi

All MATH partners discussed on the successful testing results of the MATH App and ways to improve it by adding (1) a Boot-Camp with Learning videos and (2) additional mathematical tasks in the App. The partners were happy about the current results and the are currently working on a handbook for simplifying the use of the MATH App.

MATH Materials

For marketing and dissemination purposes the MATH team already created some MATH materials to share with interested persons and organisations.

Prototype of the MATH App available

The first prototype of the MATH App is now ready for testing.
The partners test the Serious game with teachers, trainers and learners in the different partner countries. This is accompanied by a usability study and an evaluation questionnaire.
Moreover, a handbook structure is now available. The handbook will soon provide information about serious games, the MATH app and possible didactical and pedogogical settings to teachers and trainers.

Additional insights into the MATH App

The MATH-App is constantly developing.
Today we would like to provide you with an insight of the view of a second player (red avatar in the picture). The first player can be seen as a ghost (yellow avatar in the picture) to have an impression who is in the lead and climbs the mountain quicker.


Brilliant insights into the MATH prototype of the app

The development of the prototype is doing well. The partners are happy with the App so far. Please have a look:

Successful Meeting in Toledo, Spain

The partners of the MATH project work successful at the meeting in Toledo, Spain from the 13th to the 15th of November 2018.
They visited the school C.E.I.P. ´Tomas Romojaro´ and discussed on the app and the testing. The impressions on the prototype of the app are great and the discussions are fruitful and support the whole process of the project.

MATH was active on the ERASMUS Days

MATH – The innovative ERASMUS+ Project (#ErasmusPlus) #MATH – Mountains of absolutely terrifying height situated in the Keyaction 2 in school education (#Schulbildung) coordinated by the Chair of Business and Human Resource Education II of the university Paderborn, Prof. Marc Beutner, took actively part in the #ErasmusDays. –