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Output 2 and Output 3 are developping in an interesting direction

In GET-Up the outputs 2 and 3 about the CPD-programme and the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum are currently under construction. The partners are working on the modules.
This is really challegning because there are so many important aspects which could be integrated. Currently, the most important aspect is that in both outputs the direction of combining metodological elements, business administration elements, Green Product and Green Ecomony elements, skill related elements and activating elements like case studies will be established.

New general information

Here is a general information providet by our Cypriote partner and EIT:

EIT InnoEnergy has launched a competition for energy start-ups in central and eastern Europe. The competition is open until 11 September for start-ups working in one of their eight focus areas:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Smart electric grid
  3. Electricity storage
  4. Smart and efficient building and cities
  5. Energy efficiency
  6. Clean coal technologies
  7. Energy from chemicals fuels
  8. Sustainable nuclear and renewable convergence

Further information is available at:


Starting of the intellectual outputs 2 and 3 at the meeting in Murcia, Spain

The partner of the GET-UP conference in Murcia, Spain was a really important step towards the
development of a Green Entrepreneurship curriculum.
The partners discussed the results of the first intellectual output (IO1), the research on Green Entrepreneurship in the different partner countries and discussed the specific aspects of Green Economy which where result of it, like the GET-UP Summary Pedagogic Research Report.

Moreover the second and the third intellectual output (IO2, IO3) started offically. In IO2 the focus is on the creation of a CPD-Training in the field of Green Entrepreneuship. And IO3 is about the development of the “GET-UP Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum”.

GET-UP – national research phase finished

The national research phase of OPALESCE finished. Currently the team is working on the summarising resport. The situation in the different partner countries is very different. Some countries provide more support to entrepreneurship and green economy than others. Moreover, the importance of Green Products and Green Economy is seen in all countries involved in GET-UP.

GET-UP Meeting in Newcastle

From the 14th to the 16th of December the GET-UP-KICK-OFF-Conference will take place in Newcastle, UK.

The meeting in Newcastle focusses on the structures and activities concerning the project Get-UP.We will discuss Green Entrepreneurship with its chances and challenges. Green Economy is becoming more and more popuplar. It is an interesting but also useful future trend in business. Entrepreneuship is a growing field as well and there ist currently no training for entrepreneurs who will open a business in Green Economy.

At the meeting partners will discuss the different Intellectual Output of GET-UP as well as project management. Concerning administration the PROM tool will be introduced to the partners, In addtion to that financial and administrative issues can be addressed.

The partners will focus on the results of IO1 with its deskbased and fieldbased research activities. Moreover, the partners debate about ideas concerning dissemination and the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Get-UP is on the road

Dear partners and interested guests,

I want to welcome you to the Get-UP-Website. I´d like to invite you to  accompany the project and offer the possibility to discuss about the project and Green Entrepreneurship.

We are happy if you discuss with us the importance of Green Economy. Moreover, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more crucial in the EU. Therefore, we like to talk with you about entrepreneuship and entrepreneurship training.

The project Get-Up Green entrepreneurship training – Underpinning prosperity started sucessfully on 01.09.2016.

Currently, we are in the constitutation phase and work on output 1 with research on Green Entrepreneurship and Green Economy as well as on existing training structures. We will provide you with further information soon. The first results will be presented at the first partner meeting of Get-UP in Newcastle, United Kingdom in the middle of December 2016.

Kind regards,

Marc Beutner
(Get-UP coordinator)